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A girl’s guide to Get Your EX Back


How many of you are suffering from a bad break up, and wants nothing more than getting your “love” back? Well, sitting idly and crying would not get you anywhere! You have to get up and stand for what you desire the most.

Here is a guide to Get Your EX Back:

STEP#1: Have a proper ending

If you over-reacted when he broke up with you, then it is time to set things right. You need to have a proper ending. You should go up to him and talk to him calmly. Show a behavior that makes him believe that you are completely fine, and understand why he broke up with you.

STEP#2: Ask to remain friends

Tell him that you enjoyed your time together. Ask him whether he would like to remain friends. Be tactful while doing this; convince him through your actions and body- language that your intentions are of pure friendship.

STEP#3: Plan a friendly outing

Call him up after a few days, and plan a friendly outing. Tell him that you are arranging a party, and would love it if he would come. You can also invite him to go to a new café or club with you, since none of your other friends are available. Convince in a subtle way to go with you.

STEP#4: Look attractive

Looks always matter. Dress wisely. You should look appealing, but not slutty. It is human nature that people pay more attention to the things that are attractive, and psychological studies show that men focus more on superficial items.

STEP#5: Appreciate and use your time together

When you are out with him, use all that you learnt about him during your relation to your advantage. Think back to the food or activities he liked, and ask him to visit a place specializing in it. Recall the great time you had together, and how you turned into a better person from the mistakes you two made.

STEP#6: Be a damsel in distress

Show that you need him. Show him that you need his help. For example, ask him to open up a bottle for you, or opening the tea-bag packaging. Make him feel useful. Boost his ego a little.

STEP#8: Flirt a little

You should flirt with him, while remaining in the “friends” territory. Do not seem overzealous. Just laugh a little. You should maintain body contact over time to time, but be manipulative. Touch his arm slightly when talking in a casual manner.

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