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An apology is the best approach- guide to Get Your EX Back


Every relation has to face many problems and fights, but you need to ensure that they do not get out of hand. Some of you might be reading this advice too late, and would have already ruined your perfect relationship with your girlfriend, over a minute issue.

Here is a guide that you can make use of to Get Your EX Back:

Step#1: “sorry” is the key term

Remain calm and think back to the time when she said that it was over. If you think her anger was the only reason behind the break up, then give her a sincere apology. She might resist on the outside for the sake of her pride, but would give in at the end. Even if she does not accept it the first time, it will surely melt her heart.

Step#2: send emotional messages

Do not act stupidly and go up to her to apologize. She might be mad at you, and you would end up getting something thrown at you. Start small; send her sentimental apologies. You should send personalized messages, in addition to forwarded ones. She would like the fact that you are thinking about her. This is also a good way to ensure that her thoughts are constantly focused on you. This will also allow her time to cool out. When she replies back, even if it is to say that she does not want to see your face again; it means that she is starting to melt.

Step#3: get her friends on your team

One thing that most of the girls do, when they break up, is call all their girlfriends. Her friends would be furious at you for breaking their friend’s heart. But you have to convince them that you care about their friend a lot. Explain yourself completely, your manly pride would get you nowhere in this situation. Be emotional. If you succeed in convincing them, than most of your work is done. They would start making positive comments about you to your ex girlfriend.

Step#4: show that you care

Be a little sentimental and show her how much you feel for her and how concerned you are about her. This would include big gestures like sending her flowers and cute gifts. Since you have been with her you would know her likes and dislikes; use that to your advantage. If she takes any medicines, then send her a message “please do not forget to take your medicine” and add a sad emoticon at the end.

Step#5: communicate for success

Once all this is done, meet up with her to communicate. Her friends will inform you if she is ready for a face to face meeting. Talk it through and get your ex back.

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