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Break up issues- Get Your Girlfriend Back


We know how stubborn girls can get, but what to do when your ideal partner broke up with you? Getting up and asking her to get back together with you is a foolish thought, since the answer would be a curt “no”. Mentioned below are some ideas that you can use in your strategy to Get Your EX Back:

Be a man- stop over-reacting and being depressed. You are never going to get your love back with this approach. Get your act together, clean up your appearance and mind. Be a man and get your girl back. You should be motivated and confident.

Do not be desperate- do not start groveling at her feet to take you back. No girl wants someone that desperate. You should show her that you have true feelings for her, and do not want to break up. Tell her that you are leaving her because it is what she wants, and you want her happy.

  • Stop with the stalking- get your alpha male personality under control. Do not start following her around, just to satisfy your insecurities, because if she found out, your chances of getting her back would be zero.
  • Make her jealous- girls are highly possessive. They cannot bear the thought of someone else coming near their boyfriend. You can exploit this greatly to your advantage. Flirt with some random girl in front of her. Be careful that you do not break her heart completely so that she starts hating you. You need to make her realize her feelings; not make her kill them.
  • Learn from the past- your past with her is your biggest asset. You should think back to what you two fought about the most, then show her how you have changed for the better. Use her habits and schedule against her. Start popping up here and there, and pretend that it was an accident.
  • Make your caring side visible- do not act all macho. Show her through small gestures that you care about her. Try to remain friends with her and tell her how sorry you feel for your mistakes during casual conversation. Send her flowers or anything that reminds her that you are thinking about her or about your wonderful times together.
  • Hope and act- if you think that her reactions are in your favor, and she has feelings for you; than it is time to approach her again. Make a sweet gesture, it does not need to be a big one, and ask her while holding her hand as to whether she would like to give your relationship another try.

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