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Get Your EX Back into your arms


So, your soul-mate broke up with you; you are heartbroken and want him back. Well, you should get off that couch and get your man back. Since true love is so hard to find, here are some tricks that will help you get your ex back:

  • Do not be desperate: even if you are broken inside, do not show it to him. Be calm and collected, do not get desperate and start begging him to take you back. Maintain a facade; there will be other times to get your feelings out. Give a sad smile and show him that you are sorry it did not work out, but it was great being with him.
  • Remain friends: this is the window of opportunity that you need to use to become a part of his life again. Ask him if he would like to be only friends with you. Let a tear fall to be more convincing. After that, you can call him up or send cute forwarded texts. You might also call him to get together; make up an excuse saying that you want some company and nobody else was available.
  • Do not be seductive: you should not try to be seductive; this would make him turn defensive. Also, he would get the wrong idea, and might end your friendship. You might flirt in a friendly manner to get him to open up and get comfortable with you. This will help you get rid of the last bit of hesitation that he might be feeling because of your history.
  • Find out his opinion about you: there is no use in asking him directly since he would be polite and you would not get an honest review. Ask any of your common friends in secret. You have to make sure that you are subtle. If you have a friend whose boyfriend is your ex’s friend, than use your friend to your advantage.
  • Look good: make sure you look amazing, if you know that your ex-boyfriend will be there. Spend some extra time on your wardrobe and make-up. Make sure that you incorporate a style that you know your boyfriend would find appealing. This will make you more noticeable to him, and if the other boys notice you, than the extra jealousy can be used to your advantage.
  • Talk to him: try to have casual talks and discussions with him about everything and nothing. Enjoy each other’s company like friends. Casually discuss with him what went wrong in your relation and what could have been better. Do not seem excited about the answer or defensive. This is a tricky situation since you need to show emotions without seeming too attached.

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