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Possessiveness and avoidance- key terms to Get Your EX-Boyfriend Back


So, your boyfriend just dumped you for someone else, and you are heartbroken about it. You can get him back from the clutches of that girl. Here are some tips that will help you to get your ex back:

Pull yourself together
Stop sitting on the couch, crying your eyes out. He is not worth it, if he left you for some random girl he just met. You need to be confident. If you keep on contacting him and begging him to take you back, it will do nothing more than fueling his ego.

Be confident
You are beautiful, smart and plain amazing, and if he does not see that then he does not deserve you. This should be your attitude. Groveling at his feet will get you no where. You should go to places where you know that he would be present, and pretend that it was an accident. Ask him to remain friends, this way you can maintain contact without appearing too daunting.

Look amazing
Looks matter a lot, especially for guys. Groom yourself up, wear some makeup. Dress up hot and amazing whenever you can. It might get you two possible reactions and both of them will be in your favor. First, he would be attracted towards you; hence he will be focused on you. Second, he would feel possessive with all the other men taking interest in you; forcing his alpha male side to show.

Flirt with some cute guy
If you are near him, start flirting around with a guy. Make sure that he cannot clearly hear your conversation. Maintain body contact with that guy. Make him jealous, although do not cross a certain limit. Go to places where he frequently visits and have fun with some guy there.

Be happy
Live your life to the fullest. Show him that you are better with him, and he has no control over your life. This will be a hard blow to his ego; making him come back to you like a puppy. Your uncaring attitude will make him think that you must have tolerated a lot for you to be this happy after the break up.

Be the girl that he wishes he could date
Modify your appearance and personality in such a way that it gives off the vibe that you are above his standards. Play hard to get.

At the end you would either get him back or you would get completely over him. You might even find someone better. All in all, you would be happy with your life.

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