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The only Android TV Box worth actually talking about


Google_23_system_Android_TV_BOX_Google_TV_settopThere’s a lot of Android TV Box coming out of China these days but there’s really only one that’s worth mentioning. The G-Box Midnight is not only the most stable and flexible Android machine out, it’s also really cheap and available from a US distributor.

This device has plenty of options and most of the connections you will need for any common use including an amazing 4 USB 2.0 ports. You can literally attach 4 USB drives to this device, but who would actually do that? Instead there’s options such as a USB webcam, USB Wi-Fi dongle for added range, or a USB Bluetooth dongle for those that want to connect to their phone or tablet or another input device(Ouya). There’s enough room for all these options to run together on this one small box still leaving room for your thumb drive, which is itself pretty incredible. If that’s not enough, go ahead and plug in your SD Card for another 32GB of space.

The highlights of this G-Box Midnight is not only the 4 USB ports, but also the coaxial SPDIF connection which allows 5.1 surround sound to port over to your receiver, and an A/V port for those out there that want to watch HD content on your older big screen TVs.

This TV box is running the Android 4.0.4 operating system which is normally geared for the Tablet PC or Smart phone, however it does a very decent job on the TV. Not every Android app will work perfectly on this box but that’s to be expected since it doesn’t exactly fall in the category of phone or tablet. While it may be limited in this way we’re sure to see developers coming out with apps specifically for this platform.

The most popular use of any Android TV Box is the popular media center known as XBMC. The reason why the Midnight is soimage.php successful already is because it supports hardware decoding in XBMC right out of the box. This gives it a huge community support boost and is finding a home in every XBMC adopter’s living room. XBMC on Android still has a long way to go and has only been in active development for a matter of months but the community behind this box and XBMC is quite startling.

If you’re looking for a box that won’t let you down then this one is it. This box has already climbed to the Amazon electronics top sellers and has only been released for a few months now. As of this writing it is the #8 top-selling media streaming box on Amazon, competing with the likes of AppleTV and Roku, which are two wildly popular streaming devices as well. For under a hundred dollars you can’t go wrong, especially if you’re an Android advocate.


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