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Why the “G-Box Midnight” has been already so successful


Android TV BoxSince we have been following Ouya’s development and also paying close attention to the G-Box products it was easy to come to the conclusion that Ouya is already late to its own party. All the hype that surrounded the new gaming console running on Android is already old news since G-Box has been pushing products to market.

The Android TV Box is actually not such a new concept. These devices have been being built in China for years now but never really caught traction until just recently. We can tip our hats to Ouya for bringing attention to this desired niche and we can also give Ouya props for gaining millions in funding a product that has yet to be released. But Ouya had been just a concept based on a real product. A product already in mass production. Then came along the G-Box Midnight brand to take the spotlight.

 The G-Box Midnight is an Android TV Box built around the powerful Amlogic A9 M3 processor capable of speeds up to 1.5GHz. This 8726 processor features the Mali400 graphics processor which was and still is a top performing GPU capable of 1080p HD content decoding without breaking a sweat. The Ouya will be boasting the Tegra3 Quad Core CPU which in specifications is a serious powerhouse, however in real life benchmarks this Nvidia chip doesn’t really live up to its claims. This gives the Ouya a little competitive edge over the hardware inside of the Midnight, however the G-Box Midnight makes up by being extremely versatile. The Ouya, after all, is a gaming rig. The G-Box Midnight is the real deal, a full unadulterated Android 4 O/S just waiting to be hacked and configured to any user’s heart’s desire. This is the main reason why the Midnight has become so wildly popular.

If you’re looking for a small, under powered gaming rig then the Ouya will certainly fit the bill.. If you’re like most people that want connectivity, options and an already existing community of support then the Midnight is at the top of the list.


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