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Possessiveness and avoidance- key terms to Get Your EX-Boyfriend Back

So, your boyfriend just dumped you for someone else, and you are heartbroken about it. You can get him back from the clutches of that girl. Here are some tips that will help you to get your ex back:

Pull yourself together
Stop sitting on the couch, crying your eyes out. He is not worth it, if he left you for some random girl he just met. You need to be confident. If you keep on contacting him and begging him to take you back, it will do nothing more than fueling his ego.

Be confident
You are beautiful, smart and plain amazing, and if he does not see that then he does not deserve you. This should be your attitude. Groveling at his feet will get you no where. You should go to places where you know that he would be present, and pretend that it was an accident. Ask him to remain friends, this way you can maintain contact without appearing too daunting.

Look amazing
Looks matter a lot, especially for guys. Groom yourself up, wear some makeup. Dress up hot and amazing whenever you can. It might get you two possible reactions and both of them will be in your favor. First, he would be attracted towards you; hence he will be focused on you. Second, he would feel possessive with all the other men taking interest in you; forcing his alpha male side to show.

Flirt with some cute guy
If you are near him, start flirting around with a guy. Make sure that he cannot clearly hear your conversation. Maintain body contact with that guy. Make him jealous, although do not cross a certain limit. Go to places where he frequently visits and have fun with some guy there.

Be happy
Live your life to the fullest. Show him that you are better with him, and he has no control over your life. This will be a hard blow to his ego; making him come back to you like a puppy. Your uncaring attitude will make him think that you must have tolerated a lot for you to be this happy after the break up.

Be the girl that he wishes he could date
Modify your appearance and personality in such a way that it gives off the vibe that you are above his standards. Play hard to get.

At the end you would either get him back or you would get completely over him. You might even find someone better. All in all, you would be happy with your life.

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Get Your EX Back into your arms

So, your soul-mate broke up with you; you are heartbroken and want him back. Well, you should get off that couch and get your man back. Since true love is so hard to find, here are some tricks that will help you get your ex back:

  • Do not be desperate: even if you are broken inside, do not show it to him. Be calm and collected, do not get desperate and start begging him to take you back. Maintain a facade; there will be other times to get your feelings out. Give a sad smile and show him that you are sorry it did not work out, but it was great being with him.
  • Remain friends: this is the window of opportunity that you need to use to become a part of his life again. Ask him if he would like to be only friends with you. Let a tear fall to be more convincing. After that, you can call him up or send cute forwarded texts. You might also call him to get together; make up an excuse saying that you want some company and nobody else was available.
  • Do not be seductive: you should not try to be seductive; this would make him turn defensive. Also, he would get the wrong idea, and might end your friendship. You might flirt in a friendly manner to get him to open up and get comfortable with you. This will help you get rid of the last bit of hesitation that he might be feeling because of your history.
  • Find out his opinion about you: there is no use in asking him directly since he would be polite and you would not get an honest review. Ask any of your common friends in secret. You have to make sure that you are subtle. If you have a friend whose boyfriend is your ex’s friend, than use your friend to your advantage.
  • Look good: make sure you look amazing, if you know that your ex-boyfriend will be there. Spend some extra time on your wardrobe and make-up. Make sure that you incorporate a style that you know your boyfriend would find appealing. This will make you more noticeable to him, and if the other boys notice you, than the extra jealousy can be used to your advantage.
  • Talk to him: try to have casual talks and discussions with him about everything and nothing. Enjoy each other’s company like friends. Casually discuss with him what went wrong in your relation and what could have been better. Do not seem excited about the answer or defensive. This is a tricky situation since you need to show emotions without seeming too attached.

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A girl’s guide to Get Your EX Back

How many of you are suffering from a bad break up, and wants nothing more than getting your “love” back? Well, sitting idly and crying would not get you anywhere! You have to get up and stand for what you desire the most.

Here is a guide to Get Your EX Back:

STEP#1: Have a proper ending

If you over-reacted when he broke up with you, then it is time to set things right. You need to have a proper ending. You should go up to him and talk to him calmly. Show a behavior that makes him believe that you are completely fine, and understand why he broke up with you.

STEP#2: Ask to remain friends

Tell him that you enjoyed your time together. Ask him whether he would like to remain friends. Be tactful while doing this; convince him through your actions and body- language that your intentions are of pure friendship.

STEP#3: Plan a friendly outing

Call him up after a few days, and plan a friendly outing. Tell him that you are arranging a party, and would love it if he would come. You can also invite him to go to a new café or club with you, since none of your other friends are available. Convince in a subtle way to go with you.

STEP#4: Look attractive

Looks always matter. Dress wisely. You should look appealing, but not slutty. It is human nature that people pay more attention to the things that are attractive, and psychological studies show that men focus more on superficial items.

STEP#5: Appreciate and use your time together

When you are out with him, use all that you learnt about him during your relation to your advantage. Think back to the food or activities he liked, and ask him to visit a place specializing in it. Recall the great time you had together, and how you turned into a better person from the mistakes you two made.

STEP#6: Be a damsel in distress

Show that you need him. Show him that you need his help. For example, ask him to open up a bottle for you, or opening the tea-bag packaging. Make him feel useful. Boost his ego a little.

STEP#8: Flirt a little

You should flirt with him, while remaining in the “friends” territory. Do not seem overzealous. Just laugh a little. You should maintain body contact over time to time, but be manipulative. Touch his arm slightly when talking in a casual manner.

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An apology is the best approach- guide to Get Your EX Back

Every relation has to face many problems and fights, but you need to ensure that they do not get out of hand. Some of you might be reading this advice too late, and would have already ruined your perfect relationship with your girlfriend, over a minute issue.

Here is a guide that you can make use of to Get Your EX Back:

Step#1: “sorry” is the key term

Remain calm and think back to the time when she said that it was over. If you think her anger was the only reason behind the break up, then give her a sincere apology. She might resist on the outside for the sake of her pride, but would give in at the end. Even if she does not accept it the first time, it will surely melt her heart.

Step#2: send emotional messages

Do not act stupidly and go up to her to apologize. She might be mad at you, and you would end up getting something thrown at you. Start small; send her sentimental apologies. You should send personalized messages, in addition to forwarded ones. She would like the fact that you are thinking about her. This is also a good way to ensure that her thoughts are constantly focused on you. This will also allow her time to cool out. When she replies back, even if it is to say that she does not want to see your face again; it means that she is starting to melt.

Step#3: get her friends on your team

One thing that most of the girls do, when they break up, is call all their girlfriends. Her friends would be furious at you for breaking their friend’s heart. But you have to convince them that you care about their friend a lot. Explain yourself completely, your manly pride would get you nowhere in this situation. Be emotional. If you succeed in convincing them, than most of your work is done. They would start making positive comments about you to your ex girlfriend.

Step#4: show that you care

Be a little sentimental and show her how much you feel for her and how concerned you are about her. This would include big gestures like sending her flowers and cute gifts. Since you have been with her you would know her likes and dislikes; use that to your advantage. If she takes any medicines, then send her a message “please do not forget to take your medicine” and add a sad emoticon at the end.

Step#5: communicate for success

Once all this is done, meet up with her to communicate. Her friends will inform you if she is ready for a face to face meeting. Talk it through and get your ex back.

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Break up issues- Get Your Girlfriend Back

We know how stubborn girls can get, but what to do when your ideal partner broke up with you? Getting up and asking her to get back together with you is a foolish thought, since the answer would be a curt “no”. Mentioned below are some ideas that you can use in your strategy to Get Your EX Back:

Be a man- stop over-reacting and being depressed. You are never going to get your love back with this approach. Get your act together, clean up your appearance and mind. Be a man and get your girl back. You should be motivated and confident.

Do not be desperate- do not start groveling at her feet to take you back. No girl wants someone that desperate. You should show her that you have true feelings for her, and do not want to break up. Tell her that you are leaving her because it is what she wants, and you want her happy.

  • Stop with the stalking- get your alpha male personality under control. Do not start following her around, just to satisfy your insecurities, because if she found out, your chances of getting her back would be zero.
  • Make her jealous- girls are highly possessive. They cannot bear the thought of someone else coming near their boyfriend. You can exploit this greatly to your advantage. Flirt with some random girl in front of her. Be careful that you do not break her heart completely so that she starts hating you. You need to make her realize her feelings; not make her kill them.
  • Learn from the past- your past with her is your biggest asset. You should think back to what you two fought about the most, then show her how you have changed for the better. Use her habits and schedule against her. Start popping up here and there, and pretend that it was an accident.
  • Make your caring side visible- do not act all macho. Show her through small gestures that you care about her. Try to remain friends with her and tell her how sorry you feel for your mistakes during casual conversation. Send her flowers or anything that reminds her that you are thinking about her or about your wonderful times together.
  • Hope and act- if you think that her reactions are in your favor, and she has feelings for you; than it is time to approach her again. Make a sweet gesture, it does not need to be a big one, and ask her while holding her hand as to whether she would like to give your relationship another try.

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