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Blog Commenting How It Helps|Effects|Impacts| On SEO & How To Do Blog Comments

blog commenting

How To Do Blog Commenting

Actually What A Blog Commenting Is?

A Blog Comment Is A Massage To Him You Have Get An Information On  The Web As An Article. By That You will discuss more to improve that information or will give him a chance to know you and also to express and make the better communication.

Usually most blog posts are a spot  for website visitors to put a comment about each and every post. Blog comments are a element of a  effective blog, and a spot bloggers  should realize and emphasis on to create a excellent  blog.

Do we actually do the same while commenting?

I know what most of us will say.No it’s very simple answer.

Then What We Do?

Simple Answer We Do “Spam”!!!! Dear Friends Of Mine you mast thinking that I  am a freak a mad person!!!! No My dear I am not. And Am Sure About That!!!!

Some Reason We Create Blog Comments:

  • To Get A Quality Back links
  • To Get Some Visitors
  • To Make A Great Sales
  • To Put An Anchor Text On Those Websites
  • And So More

Am I wrong Guys? If No! Then It was Also Right what I said. if you missed to concentrate Then Again “Simple Answer We Do “Spam”!!!!”

Reason Why I Said that We Need to know Why Some one will allow to post comment to their private network.

  • To Shear Some Important Information it can be a News about Their Personal Life|Business|Product|Service etc.
  • To let us know that they are online.
  • To Make A Better communication with Those Who Are also Interested On The Same Subject.

Then Why To Make A Comment When You Do Not Have Interest on That Topic? If You do The Same Then Obviously You are Spamming.

What Should We Focus And How We Should Do A Productive Blog Comment:

  • Do not be greedy!! Yes It’s The first key.Don’t just try to put your links.
  • Be a contribute. Try to read/understand/judge then make a reasonable suggestion. And give a chance to make a replay to you.
  • Create “Anchor Text” Using “The Name and Put Website Url” Selection.[If it allows]


Commenting Way

  • For “No Follow” or Where you will not get the chance to use the combination of “The Name and Put Website Url” Selection make a sensible [Strongly Related To The Topic] use “Anchor Text” as signature so that it will not look as spam or odd in my word.
  • Some website will let you put comments using third party apps like Facebook,twitter and so on.You can use a visible url.But Please put a request at list asking them to visit that url.


Example 2

  • If you have a strong communication skill the it will be better if you “Anchor Text” your keyword while you saying something.


If you have a strong communication skill the it will be better if you “Anchor Text” your keyword while you saying something

I hope it may help you. I’ll add more and more content on this article as I get some time. till then take care. And Please Give Your Best Suggestion to improve this article.

Thanks For Reading.